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        Reverse engineering from KSB: quality just like the original

        Manufacturers can disappear from the markets and parts can be difficult to obtain or are no longer available. This is where KSB steps in with the ideal solution: reverse engineering at KSB means spare parts can be quickly reproduced.

        Production of a casting / printing mould via 3D printing Production of a casting / printing mould via 3D printing

        he advantages of this KSB spare parts service are clear: by reproducing turned and cast parts that are difficult to obtain or are no longer available KSB makes these components available again. This enables the continued operation of existing machines and eliminates the need for extensive modifications.

        Here’s how reverse engineering works at KSB

        When reproducing spare parts, a practice also known as re-engineering, KSB quickly produces high-quality spare parts. All that is required are the dimensions of the original part or a sample for 3D measurement. KSB uses the digital CAD reconstruction method for destroyed or worn components. What is special about the reverse engineering process is that it enables KSB to produce components for pumps and other rotating equipment made by other manufacturers. KSB also uses the reverse engineering process for non-rotating equipment or prototype construction. KSB customers can count on KSB’s usual level of quality when it comes to reverse engineering. All of KSB’s resources, such as an in-house foundry, production sites and workshops, are involved. In addition, the rapid manufacturing process means that spare parts can be delivered especially quickly.

        Optimised components equal major cost savings

        KSB’s spare parts service is committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to customers. As well as re-engineering, it also offers optimisation of components with regard to material, geometry and flow dynamics. The result: thanks to material upgrades and design improvements to components, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

        Benefits of KSB’s spare parts service

        • Short delivery times
        • Replacements for original parts that are no longer available
        • Longer service lives thanks to upgraded design, higher-grade materials or KSB’s special materials
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