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        KSB’s spare parts logistics service: always there for you

        Straightforward help in emergencies: the KSB spare parts logistics service offers various ways to meet your spare parts requirements at short notice, whatever the type series and part type.

        KSB spare parts logistics service The KSB spare parts logistics service: whatever the problem, we’ve got a quick and reliable answer.

        In addition to a central spare parts warehouse for Eta pumps, KSB keeps standard parts and unmachined parts from many other type series in stock. Standard parts are generally dispatched on the same day that the purchase order is received. Furthermore, unmachined parts are kept in stock and are machined as quickly as possible in accordance with your specific wishes and requirements. We promise a reliable supply and reduced warehousing costs.

        Bespoke doesn’t always take longer: the Express Line

        If KSB spare parts aren’t in stock for some reason, in especially urgent cases KSB will produce turned and cast parts as an express service for an additional charge. This service is ideal for meeting demands that arise at short notice or in the case of unforeseeable breakdowns. Examples would be broken shafts, defective impellers or depleted spare part stocks.

        Ready to go around the clock: spare parts emergency service

        Not every surprise is a happy one. For example, when a defective part unexpectedly brings a pump – or even an entire system – to a standstill. For such cases the KSB emergency service is there to help all year round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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