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        Perfectly organised – with KSB inventory management

        With its KSB inventory management service for spare parts, KSB provides recommendations for optimum spare parts stocks, preventing excess stocks or shortages of spare parts.

        KSB inventory management for spare parts KSB offers optimum inventory management for spare parts The KSB inventory management service for spare parts provides recommendations for optimum spare parts stocks. The first step is to assess the pump population. On this basis, the recommended spare parts stock is calculated for two years of operation in accordance with the VDMA (German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers’ Association). KSB then carries out an analysis of interchangeable parts and compares the result with the recommended, calculated stock. KSB checks which parts can be interchangeably used across a range of different sizes. This means that the same component can be used in different pump sizes. KSB then assesses the calculated spare parts requirements to ensure optimum spare parts stocks.

        Inventory management from KSB – the benefits at a glance:

        • Reduced warehousing costs thanks to optimised stocks and purchase order quantities
        • Improved availability achieved by storing the ideal number of required parts
        • Maximum operating reliability

        It is also possible to include this service from KSB in a framework agreement. A framework agreement offers KSB customers the following additional benefits:

        • More favourable terms and conditions of purchase
        • Facilitated procurement process by eliminating enquiry and quotation processes
        • Planning reliability thanks to defined delivery times
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        Framework agreements

        We develop your framework agreement in cooperation with you. The result is a service and spare parts package that is tailored to your individual needs by optimally matching procurement processes, special conditions, scale prices and inventory schemes.

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