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        KSB’s discontinued programme: reliability of supply for old pump systems or type series

        Pumps from KSB are known around the world for their long service life. The demand for spare parts and pumps manufactured as replacement for use in old systems is accordingly high. KSB ensures complete reliability of supply with its discontinued programme.? KSB offers spare parts for old type series Within discontinued programme KSB offers spare parts for old type series.

        At the Service plants in Bremen, Déville, Halle and Pegnitz, KSB manufactures pumps as replacement and spare parts for tried and tested pump type series from past sales programmes. More than 100 type series spanning over 60 years – hardly any manufacturer can match this. KSB offers long-term planning reliability for these predecessor models. Furthermore, re-engineering and modifications are also possible for type series from all manufacturers upon request.

        The discontinued programme from KSB: old type series or old pump systems with complete reliability of supply

        KSB offerings at a glance:

        KSB’s Service plant in Bremen

        Manufactures pumps as replacement and spare parts for tubular casing, volute casing and marine pumps.

        KSB’s Service plant in Déville

        Produces pumps as replacement and spare parts for old pump type series and predecessor models – also those pertaining to French programmes.

        KSB’s Service plant in Halle

        Makes pumps as replacement for pump type series manufactured at the former VEB-Kombinat Pumpen und Verdichter, a state-owned pump and compressor company. These pumps are used, for example, for irrigation and drainage as well as applications in the chemical industry.

        KSB’s Service plant in Pegnitz

        Supplies pumps manufactured as replacement and spare parts for pump type series from over 140 years of production.

        Discontinued programme from KSB – the benefits at a glance:

        • Reliable procurement even decades later
        • Technical support for discontinued programme
        • Availability for all system parts is safeguarded
        Service-Werk Bremen
        SEZ Service-Werk Bremen
        WKL Service-Werk Déville
        ?WKL Service-Werk Déville
        Service-Werk Halle
        ?Service-Werk Halle
        Service-Werk Pegnitz
        ?Eta Service-Werk Pegnitz

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