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        3D printing by KSB: complex components tailored to your needs

        3D printing opens up new possibilities in spare parts procurement. An ideal solution if you need a spare part quickly.

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        New approaches to spare parts procurement and rapid prototyping

        Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) caters to a wide range of applications and is used for both the production of prototypes (rapid prototyping) and for small series production (rapid manufacturing).

        Additive manufacturing is also becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of spare parts. Especially with older machines, complex components or if original spare parts are no longer available, the 3D printing of pump components offers a great opportunity for producing replacements.??

        Thanks to additive manufacturing, KSB can also produce highly complex structures that are both stable and extremely lightweight. In addition, you stand to benefit from up to 30 percent cost savings and around 40 percent time savings? compared with traditional production methods. Experienced specialists from KSB’s accredited in-house materials laboratory ensure quality across the entire process chain.

        3D printing: offerings at a glance

        • Redesign and production of components
        • Process-oriented optimisation of components
        • Quality assurance
        • Quality control measures and advice on additive manufacturing

        3D printing: benefits at a glance

        • Swift delivery
        • An expert partner in all areas related to additive manufacturing
        • Individual tailoring of components to customer requirements
        • Parts made to order
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        3D Printing

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