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        Augmented Reality Service by KSB: smart support wherever you need it

        Are no KSB service specialists available at your location? Thanks to augmented reality data glasses, you can be directly connected to a KSB service specialist via video transmission.


        Help is on hand fast with Augmented Reality Service

        You need direct support for your system regarding service questions, but no KSB service experts are available at your location. KSB’s Augmented Reality Service offers a range of options which allow your staff to handle commissioning, maintenance work, repairs and more while being guided by a trained KSB service specialist.

        Using KSB’s augmented reality data glasses, your employees are guided during their service work by a KSB expert per video and audio. Working on a display at its usual service workplace, the service specialist can assess the situation through the eyes of your employee by means of a built-in camera.

        Simple step-by-step instructions, check lists, exploded views and more can also be displayed by the augmented reality data glasses to facilitate your employees’ work. Even less experienced staff be guided through the individual service steps and complete their tasks successfully.

        With Augmented Reality Service, KSB’s expertise is always directly on hand without the need for on-site service experts. The prerequisite for using the Augmented Reality Service is a stable data connection via Wi-Fi or a mobile network (at least 3G) at the location.

        Augmented Reality Service: offerings at a glance

        • Rapid assistance for all types of service assignments from KSB’s experts
        • Live support via augmented reality data glasses

        Augmented Reality Service: benefits at a glance

        • Our experts are available quickly
        • Less downtime
        • Help from KSB specialists whatever your location
        • No travel costs ?
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        Expert Knowledge via Data Glasses

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        KSB service staff carry out installation and supervision. They also take care of the commissioning of pumps, valves and entire systems: on time and ready for operation, wherever you are in the world.

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