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        Framework agreements from KSB: individual concepts for highly efficient systems

        A real bespoke service: together with its customers, KSB develops tailored framework agreements ranging from single maintenance modules to a Total Pump Care package.

        KSB framework agreement A KSB framework agreement offers individual solutions This comprehensive service concept from KSB offers customers the chance to put together a service and spare parts package tailored to their specific requirements. Spare parts stocks, for example, can be structured far more efficiently thanks to our inventory management under a KSB service contract, significantly reducing costs.

        KSB Total Pump Management: bespoke service for highest levels of efficiency

        To simplify the development process for a framework agreement, KSB developed TPM, which stands for Total Pump Management. This is a modular service concept for pumps, valves, motors and other rotating equipment. To create their KSB service contract customers can choose from and combine all modules found under the three features Services, Reliability and Conditions. On this basis, our experts develop the KSB service contracts in cooperation with the customer – from single maintenance modules to a Total Pump Care Package. This offers maximum planning reliability and optimum availability of the pump system. Maintenance and life cycle costs are thus significantly reduced.? TPM Total Pump Management - modular concept

        Framework agreements from KSB – the benefits at a glance:

        • Concepts and framework agreements tailored to individual needs
        • High level of planning reliability and reliability of supply
        • Fixed prices for predictable maintenance costs
        • Optimised pump system availability
        • Discounts and special conditions
        • Costs are easier to calculate
        • Low life cycle costs for a system
        • Simplified quotation and order handling processes
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        Consultancy and training

        Always striving to find the best solution for your system: KSB’s service specialists advise you individually and will provide long-term support. The KSB TrainingCenter offers tailored seminars and training.

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