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        KSB training and consultancy for your success

        KSB is on hand to advise its customers on all questions relating to pumps, valves and service. From advice on choosing the right product for your needs to a wide range of pump and valve seminars: you benefit from the full range of KSB’s know-how and consultancy expertise. Mit KSB gut beraten

        We’re there for you – not only when it comes to selecting the right new product, but also throughout the entire life cycle of your pumps and systems. Do you need spare parts, advice on repairs or refurbishment? Perhaps you are looking for suitable seminars for your system personnel?

        KSB offers you over 140 years of manufacturer know-how.

        KSB seminars and training: we give you expert know-how We gladly pass on our knowledge to our customers. KSB training and our comprehensive range of seminars – which also includes customised training – is optimally tailored to individual customer needs. In the KSB TrainingCenter, we take the time to advise you and find suitable seminars and training programmes. Drawing on their many years of work, our professionals and experts pass on KSB’s technical knowledge and practical know-how. Participants will be trained in the proper and safe operation of pumps, valves and automation products. On request, KSB seminars can also be geared to customer-specific requirements. In cooperation with the training staff, the KSB TrainingCenter continuously updates the training content in line with the latest technological developments.

        Technical consultancy: an integral approach to system optimisation

        KSB’s technical consultancy service offers individual solutions to ensure optimum operation of pumps, valves and other rotating equipment. When doing so, KSB always looks at the system as a whole. The three main aims: to adjust and/or optimise systems in line with changing conditions, to achieve energy savings and to increase the service life of rotating equipment of all makes.

        Technical consultancy from KSB

        Technical Consultancy

        KSB offers far more than just service and spare parts. The technical consultancy staff of KSB Service provide comprehensive pump and valve know-how for modern, reliable pump systems.

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        Training staff at KSB customer training


        KSB’s training staff pass on technical knowledge and practical service know-how in KSB pump and valve seminars.

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        KSB framework agreement

        Framework agreements

        We develop your framework agreement in cooperation with you. The result is a service and spare parts package that is tailored to your individual needs by optimally matching procurement processes, special conditions, scale prices and inventory schemes.

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