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        KSB Sonolyzer? – The first app that can hear energy saving potential.

        KSB presents a world first! With its new app, KSB brings Digital Industry straight to your smartphone. In just a few seconds, KSB Sonolyzer? measures the noise frequency of the asynchronous motor and checks whether there are potential energy savings to be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency.

        KSB Sonolyzer

        Download and discover KSB Sonolyzer? now!

        Here you can find download und detailed information about KSB Sonolyzer? - the first app that can hear energy saving potential.

        More to Download and discover KSB Sonolyzer#!?!# now!
        Additional Information
        FluidFuture Link

        Saving energy with FluidFuture?

        We optimise your system’s energy efficiency in four steps. Analysing the hydraulic system as a whole enables maximum savings.

        Make use of the savings potential, now. to Saving energy with FluidFuture?


        KSB Sonolyzer: a world first

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