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        Now also available for large-scale water projects: KSB?Multitec?200 / 250

        The Multitec pump series covers an outstanding range of applications. The wide choice of materials and variants makes the Multitec multistage ring-section pump a true all-rounder. With its Multitec 200 / 250, KSB now offers you a pump for large-scale water projects. Multitec 200 / 250

        The Multitec family has a proven track record, especially in applications where water needs to be pumped at a high pressure over long distances. The pumps of this series are suitable for a large variety of applications.?

        Applications of the KSB Multitec series:

        • Water supply, drinking water supply, irrigation
        • Pressure boosting
        • Fossil-fuelled power stations
        • Condensate transport, boiler feed systems
        • Heating systems, hot water supply
        • Filtration systems and washing plants
        • Fire protection systems
        • Snow-making systems
        • Industrial plants
        • Desalination plants
        • Geothermal energy and heat recovery systems

        The new Multitec 200 / 250 for large-scale water projects

        Multitec 200 / 250 is KSB’s new addition for large-scale projects in drinking water and general water supply. Multitec’s well-proven design has also been applied to the 200 / 250 size. The pump is easy to use, reliable to operate and extremely energy-efficient. Ease of service is another of Multitec 200 / 250’s characteristics.

        Multitec 200 / 250 easily pumps flow rates of up to 1500 m3/h at heads of up to 400 m. And that at temperatures of up to 60°C for non-aggressive fluids. Multitec 200 / 250 is also ACS-certified for drinking water.

        Benefits of the new Multitec 200 / 250 at a glance:?

        Operating reliability

        • Special impeller designed for good suction performance and smooth running even under poor suction conditions
        • Axial thrust balancing ensured by balancing drum for a long service life
        • Casing and diffuser wear rings for increased protection against wear
        • Casings made of nodular cast iron produced at European foundries

        Energy efficiency

        • High system efficiency with optimised hydraulic design and impeller trimmed to the duty point
        • Energy savings of up to 60 percent for pump sets equipped with PumpDrive R and PumpMeter?

        Ease of service

        • Suction and discharge nozzles can be turned in steps of 90° and adjusted on site.
        • Easy dismantling of bearing and shaft seal without the need to remove hydraulic components thanks to:
          • Bearing and shaft sleeves
          • Separate seal chamber and bearing housing
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