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        GIW? Minerals slurry pumps for your toughest mining and dredging applications

        KSB’s US subsidiary, GIW Industries Inc., is a leading manufacturer of pumps and superior engineered solutions.

        GIW produces severe abrasive handling slurry pumps and leads the world in wear technology. These slurry pumps are widely used in ore transport, mill discharge, cyclone feed, tailings and mineral plant processes.?

        The slurry pumps feature a rugged design and are available in the proprietary GIW Gasite? material - recognized worldwide for superior abrasion resistance. Offering research and design to aftermarket services, GIW is the one stop shop for slurry pumps, hydrocyclones and parts for the mining industry. This includes dedicated foundries for casting, machining and assembly and an on-site test facility to ensure optimal product performance.

        Slurry pumps and parts can be custom engineered with options that include various impeller types to fine tune pump performance for specially tailored slurry pumping needs. These options allow optimum wear life and sustained efficiency – the best in the industry. ?

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        GIW Industries, Inc.

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