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        KSB heat transfer engineering – reliable products for demanding fluids

        Pumps and valves play a major role in heat transfer and cooling circuits. KSB is the only manufacturer offering pumps and valves for heat transfer applications from a single source.

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        Drawing on its vast experience, KSB makes sure thermal oils are transported with zero leakage and costly downtimes are prevented.

        Thermals oils gain significance in heat transfer systems

        Especially thermal oils achieve an optimum heat transfer in processes involving high temperatures. Being well aware of the significance of heat transfer engineering, KSB offers optimised pumps and valves for smooth processes in heat transfer systems.

         Die neue HPK-L in der hocheffizienten Ausführung mit KSB SuPremE?-Motor und PumpDrive in Wandmontage


        The latest generation of the proven hot water and heat transfer fluid pump HPK-L continues to impress. The pump can be operated at temperatures of up to 400?°C, entirely without additional cooling devices. Alongside its excellent operating reliability, the HPK-L pump features a high level of energy efficiency.

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        NORI 40

        Straightforward and robust design: The new NORI 40 bellows-type valve is ideally suited to high-temperature heat transfer fluids. It stands for maximum reliability and optimum fluid flow.

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        Reliable products for demanding fluids:

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        Reference Kronospan?AG

        Kronospan Schweiz AG already relied on KSB’s thermal oil pumps in 1969 when the first particle board left the Menznau plant located in the Lucerne hinterland. Over the years, this business relation between KSB and the Swiss company has developed into a cooperative partnership.

        Reference Kronospan?AG464 KB
        Product brochure Nikkiso-KSB

        Product Overview Canned Motor Pumps

        Canned Motor Pumps

        Product Overview Canned Motor Pumps2 MB
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        Contact your KSB partner!

        We will be happy to provide information on our portfolio and answer any questions you may have.

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