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        KSB Etanorm: performance by design meets excellent efficiency

        Etanorm is the world's best-selling standardised water pump. But that hasn't stopped KSB making improvements: optimised hydraulic systems save up to 7,000 kW/h of energy a year – which means cost savings of several thousand euros per pump and markedly reduced CO2 emissions.

        Etanorm Efficiency image

        Your benefits at a glance:

        • Significant energy savings and improved efficiency
        • More than ready for ErP 2015
        • Confined casing gasket for varying operating conditions
        • Additional sizes for small flow rates
        • Enlarged seal chamber and forcing screws between casing cover and bearing bracket for straightforward dismantling/reassembly
        • Impeller diameter is trimmed to optimum operating point as standard
        Etanorm PumpDrive, PumpMeter and KSB SuPremE? motor
        Etanorm PumpDrive, PumpMeter and KSB SuPremE? motor
        Etanorm PumpDrive Eco, PumpMeter and KSB SuPremE? motor
        Etanorm PumpDrive Eco, PumpMeter and KSB SuPremE? motor
        High efficiency as standard: Etanorm
        High efficiency as standard: Etanorm
        Etanorm with IE3 motor
        Etanorm with IE3 motor

        Etanorm combined with PumpDrive, PumpMeter and a KSB SuPremE? motor

        A high-efficiency motor such as the KSB SuPremE?, variable speed operation with PumpDrive and the intelligent pump monitoring system PumpMeter make even more energy savings possible with Etanorm.

        KSB SuPremE? motors already satisfy the efficiency requirements for electric motors according to the applicable ErP regulation (IE4 to IEC?(CD)?60034-30?Ed. 2) and are, therefore, well ahead of their time. Thanks to the use of non-critical, sustainable materials, these motors are extremely robust and durable.

        The PumpDrive variable speed system facilitates even more efficiency gains with KSB Etanorm. The principle: the PumpDrive frequency inverter allows quick, precise and continuously variable speed adjustment of the pump's drive to the actual requirements.

        Find out more about PumpDrive

        Find out more about KSB SuPremE?

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