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        The chemistry is right with KSB

        With all our know-how and years of experience, we are able to engineer products that fully satisfy the increasingly stringent criteria in terms of safety and stability. For more than 140 years now, we at KSB have engaged in innovative, holistic thinking as a matter of course. That is what made us our industry’s pioneer. Landmark innovations and further developments like our bestseller MegaCPK standardised chemical pump and new magnetiv drive pump Magnochem attest to our ingenuity and to the future-oriented way we think and act.

        Elements of success: MegaCPK, Magnochem, Ecochem Non-Seal

        These tried and tested pump series were developed and improved by tapping into KSB's unique wealth of knowledge and unsurpassed experience in chemical applications. Packed with future-proof technologies, they ensure maximum reliability whatever the application. In addition to the best selling MegaCPK, KSB expands its portfolio with the versatile Magnochem mag-drive pump for new fields of application. But there is more: be prepared to discover the third element – more information is coming soon!

        MegaCPK Vorteils Motiv

        MegaCPK – the best standardised chemical pump in its class.

        MegaCPK is a particularly powerful standardised pump destined for the chemical and petrochemical industry, and many other fields of application.

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        KSB-Magnochem image


        KSB has further developed its standardised chemical pumps to leave them optimised for the challenges and customer requirement of today's market.

        More to Magnochem


        Reliable and absolutely tight: Isoria is the ideal shut-off and control valve for all industrial applications. The maintenance-free, robust butterfly valve is marketed under KSB’s AMRI brand.

        Isoria Teaser to ISORIA

        Online acceptance testing

        KSB tests the pump’s functionality as well as its specified operating and performance data as usual. However, thanks to online acceptance testing, you no longer need to be there in person – the tests are transmitted live to your device.

        More to Online acceptance testing
        Additional Information
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        Contact your KSB partner!

        We will be happy to provide information on our portfolio and answer any questions you may have.

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        The chemistry is right with KSB

        The safe solution for chemical fluids. And for people and the environment.

        The chemistry is right with KSB2 MB