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        The service network for your pump systems: KSB Service Partners

        When pump systems fail, quick and comprehensive help is crucial. KSB customers can put their trust in KSB Service Partners who offer a high level of professional expertise.

        KSB Service Partners provide emergency service and competent advice. KSB Service Partners provide emergency service and competent advice.

        A network of?service companies?ensures complete coverage for the provision of service for pumps and automation products in building services systems and special industrial applications.

        Be it a single-family home or office building, water supply or waste water disposal, heating systems or irrigation systems, in all of these situations our Service Partners’ staff, who are all trained to KSB standards, will quickly provide expert help. KSB regularly trains its Service Partners so that they know every pump set right down to the smallest detail. This is how we keep our Service Partners up to date about hydraulic systems as well as mechanical and electronic components.

        KSB Service Partners: solutions for a wide range of requirements

        KSB’s Service Partners fulfil all of the requirements placed on a modern service network. The pump specialists from KSB’s customer service provide a professional all-in service:

        • Commissioning
        • Inspection and servicing
        • Well-stocked spare parts warehouse
        • Technical consultancy
        • Repair service – also for non-KSB pumps
        • Personal consultancy and advice

        Sale of KSB products From swimming pool pump repairs to repairing a lifting unit: KSB Service Partners cover all key service activities. They also provide competent advice on the energy-efficient use and operation of pump systems.

        Speed and proximity count

        KSB Service Partners are close to our customers and always on hand. This ensures that help is quickly provided and keeps costs down to a minimum. For cases when help is needed outside of normal business hours, our KSB Service Partners operate an emergency service. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, our KSB Service Partners are at your disposal. For five decades our specialists have been offering a pump service for the building services sector: reliable, successful and with a partnership approach – and always to the advantage of KSB customers.

        Additional Information

        KSB’s contact finder

        KSB’s contact finder represents an easy and fast way for customers to find the nearest KSB service partners but also contacts anywhere in the world.

        Ama-Drainer (submersible motor pump)

        Ama-Drainer N

        Absolute integrity and reliability: The state-of-the-art Ama-Drainer?N submersible pump from KSB is designed to give top performance and achieve excellent levels of efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic systems and motors.

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        mini-Compacta (sewage lifting unit)

        Super-compact lifting unit mini-Compacta US1.40

        Full functionality in the smallest of spaces – ideal for private homes

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