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        New protection module for water and waste water applications

        Launched in mid-2019, the new module from the KSB Group offers new protection and monitoring functions for your pumps and submersible mixers for use in a wide range of applications.

        The Amacontrol III device monitors the phase sequence and detects any phase failures, overvoltage/undervoltage or voltage asymmetry that may occur. It can also monitor temperature sensors, two conductance sensors for leakage monitoring and a 4-20?mA signal. Additional functions include logging the frequency of starts, recording the number of operating hours and detecting any failures of connected sensors.

        A fault relay and warning relay ensure the units are reliably stopped or, respectively, a warning is emitted. The integrated diagnosis function provides operating data, fault lists, a fault counter, information on operating periods, start/stop cycles, current measurement values and a detailed fault analysis for the most recent fault (all measured values within a pre-defined time frame). This makes it possible to control the monitored units via an app on a smartphone or tablet computer and evaluate the data supplied by the protection module.

        Using the available accessories, the data can also be sent to an existing data recording system or to a cloud for evaluation there.

        The device is mounted in the control cabinet on a 35?mm standard rail and wired with removable spring-loaded terminals. The module requires either a supply voltage of 24?V DC or single-phase AC from 115 to 230?V and a frequency of 50 to 60?Hz.

        The modules supplied by KSB are preset with all the values required for operation.

        Amacontrol III Photo: The new Amacontrol III module from the KSB Group offers numerous protection and monitoring functions for your pumps and submersible mixers.? ?KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal

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