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        Press Archive 2016

        This page contains all our press releases from 2016.

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        1. Pumps for Vietnam

          CHTD pumps

          KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, has been contracted to supply 22 power station pumps for the new Vietnamese Long Phu-1 power plant by September 2017.

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        2. Interim report for the period ended 30 Sept. 2016

          Order intake and sales revenue impacted by exchange rates and weak project business

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        3. New in-line pumps for building services

           Etaline L

          Complementing its existing range of in-line pumps, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, is launching a new type series called Etaline L.

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        4. New pneumatic actuator with tandem piston


          In addition to its current range of actuators for valves, KSB’s Luxem-bourg subsidiary SISTO Armaturen S.A. presents its new double-acting or single-acting pneumatic actuator from the SISTO-LAP-500 range.

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        5. Pumps for Brazilian cellulose production

          4STQ mechanical

          August and October this year will see the KSB group supply three boiler feed pumps for a new cellulose production plant located in Três Lagoas, in the federal state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

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        6. KSB improves cost structure

          Pump and valve manufacturer KSB is, as expected, reporting a decline in its sales revenue and earnings figures for the first half of the year. The 3.1 % drop in consolidated sales revenue to € 1,064.6 million is solely attributable to negative currency effects, as explained by the company in its half-year financial report published today.

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        7. New cast steel gate valve with butt weld ends

           ECOLINE GT 40

          The start of July 2016 saw KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, launch an extension to its ECOLINE GT 40 range of cast steel gate valves.

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        8. Easy-to-service mechanical seal for waste water pumps

          4STQ mechanical

          Frankenthal-based pump manufacturer KSB has developed a new double mechanical seal in tandem arrangement which is especially well suited to the particular requirements of dry-installed and wet-installed waste water pumps.

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        9. New cast steel control valve for industry

          BOA-CVE/CVP H

          July 2016 will see KSB AG, Germany, expand its control valve range BOA-CVE/CVP H by launching a cast steel variant.

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        10. New efficient high-pressure pump for a powerful performance

          La Roche Chalais location

          In June 2016 KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Germany, is launching its Movitec 125 pumps, complementing its current range of vertical high-pressure pumps.

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