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        Optimised hydraulic components from KSB reduce energy consumption

        Modern pumps and valves have to be energy-efficient above all else. For this reason, KSB is constantly improving the hydraulic components of its pumps and valves – for low life cycle costs and optimum performance.


        Using computer simulation methods, KSB gains detailed knowledge of the complex flow processes in pumps and valves – and uses this knowledge to improve design.

        The result:

        • Improved hydraulic components
        • Low energy consumption
        • High hydraulic efficiency
        • High output per size (output per unit volume)
        Computergestüetzte Simulation 3D

        Computer simulation at KSB – for optimised hydraulic component development

        Based on the simulation of fluid flows in pumps and valves KSB develops optimised hydraulic components. And it can also implement customised solutions in a very short time.

        More to Computer simulation at KSB – for optimised hydraulic component development
        Additional Information

        Technology that makes its mark

        Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.

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