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        Automation from KSB – ensuring low life cycle costs for systems

        One of the main tasks of the KSB development team is to reduce the life cycle costs of pumps and valves using "smart" electronics. This includes solutions for monitoring the operating status.

        Pumpe und PumpMeter In close cooperation with fluid dynamics specialists, the KSB experts develop solutions for monitoring the operating status of pumps and valves. These solutions, such as PumpMeter, for example, enable intelligent system control and monitoring – for a consistently high level of availability.

        Benefits of reliable condition monitoring

        By obtaining timely status information, operators can prevent outages and process downtime, and significantly reduce the operating costs of their systems. In addition, the use of digital signals reduces the amount of cabling needed, as well as operating and installation costs.


        PumpMeter by KSB – reliable pump monitoring helps increase efficiency

        KSB’s PumpMeter enables comprehensive pump monitoring. Operators can see at a glance whether the availability of their pumps is at risk and if they are operating economically.

        PumpMeter-tea to PumpMeter by KSB – reliable pump monitoring helps increase efficiency
        Additional Information

        Technology that makes its mark

        Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.

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