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        Products & Trademarks

        Apart from the KSB umbrella brand, the following brand names identify quality products and services by the KSB Group:

        amri logo

        Butterfly valves

        Under the AMRI brand, KSB sells its butterfly valves. They are used in building services, industry, water engineering and power generation applications. AMRI products include pneumatic, hydraulic and electric valve actuators as well as control systems.

        sisto logo

        Diaphragm valves

        Under the SISTO brand, KSB sells its diaphragm valves. They perform shut-off duties in building services, industrial, water management and power generation applications. Under this brand name, KSB offers special valves for sterile processes including biotech applications.?

        MIL logo

        Control valves

        Under the MIL brand, KSB sells high-pressure control valves for use in industry and the energy sector.

        bombas itur logo

        Pumps and fire protection systems

        Under the ITUR brand, KSB ITUR Spain, S.A., manufactures pumps for use on ships as well as fire protection systems for building services and industry.

        Kagema logo

        Pumps, control cabinets and emergency power generators

        With? KAGEMA Industrieausrüstungen GmbH KSB now offers a full range of electric motor or Diesel-driven pumps, as well as control cabinets and emergency power generators for fire protection applications.

        Additional Information

        Technology that makes its mark

        Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.