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        World novelty MyFlow Technology: complexity reduced by over 50 percent

        Imagine you could cover the same operating range you used to need 43 pump casing sizes for with only 18 sizes. Imagine you could adjust the operating point with a simple click, without having to machine the impeller. Actually, you can – with MyFlow Technology. The unique drive solution for constant flow applications reduces variant complexity by more than 50 percent!

        Constant flow – now more individual than ever

        MyFlow Technology offers a number of benefits and paves the way for economic, energy-efficient operation by:

        • Reducing complexity: fewer variants, same output
        • Increasing planning reliability by allowing pump operating points to be adjusted as required
        • Expediting commissioning compared to conventional solutions

        Reduced variant complexity and streamlined processes with individual fixed speed

        In the past, adjusting the operating point of standardised water pumps in constant flow applications to system requirements meant choosing the right size from a large range of closely spaced pump sizes and individually trimming the impeller diameter.

        With individual fixed speed adjustment, fewer pump sizes now cover the entire selection chart – with efficiency and NPSHr values remaining practically constant. Centrifugal pumps are adjusted to the design point by selecting an individual fixed speed at full impeller diameter. This reduces the variant complexity of hydraulic systems by more than 50 %, saving time and costs when it comes to planning and managing equipment.

        In brief: Adjusting the speed level at full impeller diameter replaces matching the impeller to a specified speed.


        Variant complexity is reduced by 50 percent.

        Direct comparison

        MyFlow Technology leads to the same goal with reduced variant complexity and more intelligence. The illustration shows MyFlow Technology in a comparison:

        Far fewer pumps achieve the same result.

        Your benefits

        The reduced variant complexity of MyFlow Technology saves time and process costs in plant engineering with simplified:

        • Storage
        • Data maintenance
        • Lot sizes

        MyFlow Technology also allows you to change the individualised operating point of the pump quicker and easier than before. Labour-intensive mechanical trimming of the impeller has been replaced by optimisation through virtual impeller trimming.

        More planning reliability through virtual impeller trimming

        With individual fixed speed levels the centrifugal pump's operating point is not only perfectly adjusted at the time of selection. The speed can simply be matched to individual requirements by smartphone over the entire product life cycle - by virtual impeller trimming. Unlike before, the operating process does not need to be interrupted. This is how you can quickly optimise energy efficiency if the actual Q/H point deviates from the design values or respond to a system-induced change in the operating point.

        More planning reliability with virtual impeller trimming

        Conveniently adjusting the operating point with the KSB FlowManager app

        The KSB FlowManager app enables you to adjust the speed level to optimally match the respective requirements. You can:

        • Read and change drive parameters
        • Manage application-specific data records
        • Download firmware updates
        • Download the app for iOS and Android free of charge
        Optimum operating point with KSB FlowManager

        Pump optimisation via Bluetooth interface

        Connecting and handling MyFlow Drive is easy as that:

        • Communication with smartphone or notebook through external gateway via Bluetooth connection
        • USB interface for notebook or charging the battery
        • Battery-saving operation with start button for Bluetooth mode
        • Switching between Bluetooth and USB interface
        • Two integrated status LEDs
        • Both the KSB FlowManager app and the KSB service tool can access MyFlow Drive.
        Helpful Bluetooth interface

        MyFlow Drive makes commissioning fast and economical

        MyFlow Technology is based on a combination of the KSB SuPremE? IE5 motor* and MyFlow Drive. Together, they ensure the highest energy efficiency and offer benefits when it comes to installing and commissioning water pumps. MyFlow Drive comes with numerous features such as sensor-less dry running protection to reduce labour and equipment costs considerably.

        * IE5 in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-30-2 up to 15/18.5 kW (only for 1500 rpm types rated 0.55 kW, 0.75 kW, 2.2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW: IE5 in preparation)

        Saves time thanks to quick commissioning

        Smart pump drive for simple installation

        Compared to conventional water pumps, installing and commissioning Eta MyFlow pumps is fast and convenient. Their “plug and pump” design saves you time and costs:

        • Quick wiring with simple terminal board and only four connections
        • No need for direction of rotation checks
        • Fewer components in the control cabinet
        • Simple retrofitting of PumpDrive

        Quick wiring, simple retrofitting

        Saving equipment costs for connection

        Several components that previously needed to be installed for pumps for limitation of the starting current and motor protection are no longer required when installing an Eta MyFlow pump.

        • Motor protection switches
        • Overcurrent trips (or PTC relays)
        • PTC thermistor tripping units
        • Star-delta contactors
        • 7-core cables
        Additional components are not required.

        Complete service for pumps & valves

        We will gladly assist you with the installation and beyond: We are there for you over the entire product life cycle with professional service and tailored spare parts solutions.

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        We offer service for installation and beyond.


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