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        Comprehensive monitoring of your pumps

        On the one hand, a system should run smoothly. On the other, you want to minimise the outlay for inspecting and maintaining your system. With KSB Guard, both are possible! For the first time, we offer you the ability to gain an overview of the data on all of your pumps without having to be physically on site.

        More efficiency, more reliability

        • Reliable
          KSB Guard monitors the status of your pumps at regular intervals and notifies you immediately of any deviations. This allows you to fix problems before more substantial damage occurs.
        • Quick
          KSB Guard saves resources starting with the installation: the sensor unit is easy to install and pumps are quickly registered.
        • Straightforward
          KSB Guard provides specific status data to help you plan maintenance intervals. You also know sooner what to expect when performing maintenance work.

        KSB Guard: Overview of system

        1. Sensor unit: A vibration sensor and a temperature sensor record data directly at the pump.
        2. Transmission and battery unit: Supplies power to the sensor unit and transfers measurement data to the gateway.
        3. Gateway: Transfers data via the mobile phone network to the KSB cloud while maintaining the highest security standards.
        4. Web portal and app: Data and additional information on the pump can be evaluated conveniently and easily in the app or accessed via a computer.
        The KSB Guard system comprises four parts.

        Access any time, anywhere

        Offers overviews of pump data as well as documents such as operating manuals and exploded views. ?

        KSB Guard shows static and dynamic pump data.

        Dynamic data updated at regular intervals:

        Load conditions (for fixed speed pumps), vibrations and temperatures can be called up.

        Dynamic data such as vibration and temperature can be called up.

        Chronological progressions

        RMS values and temperatures can be visualised over time. KSB Guard also creates a load profile for fixed speed pumps.

        This app also shows different values in chronological progression.

        Detect changes early on to avoid malfunctions

        Failure of a pump compromises operation; excessively frequent maintenance intervals also tie up resources as well as take time. KSB Guard checks the status of your pumps once per hour as standard; measurements can optionally be performed more frequently.?KSB Guard notifies you…

        • ...via a warning or alarm when RMS values get too high or for incorrect temperatures
        • ...if necessary, to lubricate or replace bearings
        • ...when the battery charge level is low
        • ...of transmission disruptions

        ...by e-mail or push message if so desired.

        Plan maintenance efficiently

        KSB Guard allows you to plan for maintenance jobs based on specific measurement data. This, in turn, allows you to use your resources where they really are required. Documenting and tracking work on a pump takes just a few clicks.

        • Helps avoid unnecessary maintenance
        • Improves availability as irregularities are detected
        • Documents previous work to facilitate future inspections
        Useful functions such as maintenance history

        The KSB Guard App

        Are you already a proud owner of KSB Guard and have your products registered? Click here to download the KSB Guard app free of charge:

        App Store KSB Guard ?App Store

        KSB Guard Google Play ?Google Play

        Or go to the?KSB Guard Web Portal.?


        KSB Guard in action

        Interview with reference customer SAMSON AG

        Easy assembly and commissioning

        Adhere sensor unit

        Affix the sensor unit to the bearing bracket or to the drive lantern of the pump using magnets and industrial adhesive to ensure good transmission of vibrations.

        The sensor unit can be easily affixed.

        Mount transmission and battery unit

        Mount the transmission and battery unit on the pump near the sensor unit wherever it is most convenient. Then press a button to activate the transmission and battery unit and connect it with the sensor unit.

        The transmission and battery unit can be activated at the touch of a button.

        Suspend gateway

        Suspend the gateway near the pumps, connect the plug to the 230?V mains and check mobile reception at the LED display.

        Gateway in der N?he der Pumpen aufh?ngen und anschlie?en

        Register pumps

        Make a few basic data entries for each pump on the computer or using your smartphone ─ done.

        Register pumps on computer or smartphone.
        FluidFuture Logo

        FluidFuture?: the energy-saving concept for your system

        To help you maximise energy efficiency in your system, we offer smart products and services as well as comprehensive system optimisation. We look at the system as a whole and realise maximum savings for your hydraulic system in four steps.

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        Your contact to KSB

        Thank you for your interest in KSB. Would you like to find out more about Industry 4.0 by KSB?
        Contact us quickly and easily at +49 6233 86-3576.?

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